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LYHER Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Antigen Test Kit RTK (Saliva)
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LYHER Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Antigen Test Kit RTK (Saliva)

The LYHER® Coronavirus Antigen Test Kit is a rapid test for detecting SARS-CoV infections. To be used as a self-test by persons from 18 years. For children under 18, a legal parent or guardian will perform the test or the test will be performed under their supervision. 

This Antigen Test Kit has been approved by the MDA.



  • High accuracy, specificity and sensitivity
  • Sensitivity: 95.39%
  • Specificity: 99.60%
  • Total coincidence rate: 98.01%
  • Identification of an acute infection, also recognizes mutations
  • Results in 15 minutes
  • Results are easy to read
  • Storage at room temperature
  • MDA approved
  • CE certified


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LYHER Covid-19 Antigen Test Kit Catalogue
LYHER Covid-19 Antigen Test Kit Instruction Manual
LYHER Covid-19 Antigen Test Kit Product Info


Handling the test result
Please follow the instructions for handling your test result!

  • POSITIVE: There is currently a suspicion of a COVID-19 infection. Please contact your doctor / general practitioner or the local health department immediately. Please follow local guidelines for self-isolation and have a confirmatory PCR test performed.

  • NEGATIVE: Please continue to comply with all applicable rules regarding contact with others and the applicable protective measures - an infection may also be present if the test is negative! In case of suspicion, repeat the test after 1-2 days, as the coronavirus cannot be accurately detected in all phases of an infection.

  • INVALID: Possibly caused by incorrect test execution - please repeat the test. If the test results remain invalid, contact a doctor or a COVID-19 test center.



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